Segovia: The “City of the victory” in Spain

Medieval beauty and countless attractions make the Segovia one of the destinations that you should not forget to visit once.

Located in the Iberian Peninsula, near the town of Valladolid and the capital of Spain, Madrid.

The original name was Segobriga, the term sego mean victory, while the suffix Briga considered means city or strength.

For this reason the Segovia is known as the “city of victory”.

The old town is built on a narrow hill with the Roman aqueduct are since 1985 UNESCO World Heritage by UNESCO.

It is worth visiting the fairytale castle dating from the 11th century and was the residence of the kings of Castile.

The imposing city’s cathedral is a masterpiece of Gothic Basque-Castilian and known as “the lady of cathedrals”.

The Segovia surrounded by walls from the Roman era and restored in the 19th century.

Other major attractions are the churches of San Esteban, San Mijas and San Martin.

A walk in Castilian palace of Ayala Vergantha will impress the visitor.

The palace dates from the late 15th century and has been declared a historic-artistic monument.