Europe’s Top Carnivals

Europe isn’t a great destination just because its unique cities, but also for its carnivals. Almost each country has something to show you besides the cultural top admired places. Today, we will describe you only five of the most awaited carnivals in Europe.

Sitges Carnival, Spain 

Sitges is a small town located in Catalonia. During a week, the city transforms into a spectacular attraction for numerous tourists. The carnival started on February 8 and will continue to impress people until February 14, 2018.

The carnival is characterized as a colorful event, which attracts over 250.000 visitors each year. You have the chance to take part of spectacular parades, shows and wild parties.

You shouldn’t miss the final parade, entitled “Entierro de la Sardina” or “Day of the Sardine”. This one will make you want to dance among all the young ladies and men that parade the streets.

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Basel Fasnacht, Switzerland 

The event takes place in the city Basel and is known as the biggest carnival in Switzerland. There are over 18.000 active Fasnachtler who dress in specific costumes and go out on the streets hiding behind masks.

This year, the carnival will take place between 19-21 February. The most awaited moment is Morgenstreich. This one is a parade which starts once all the lights are turned off in the city. Numerous masked men are performing Cliques on the streets.

The Carnival of Ivrea, Italy 

The carnival takes place in the city Ivrea and is one of the most unusual events in Europe. This year it was held between 8-13 January.

For six days, the city transforms into a battle game with oranges. Over 500.000 kg of zingy citrus are “wasted” these days.

Carnival of Venice, Italy 

The carnival of Venice is perhaps the most awaited event in Europe. The spectacular masks, the colors and the mystery of the involved characters transform the San Marco Square into a destination from a previous age.

The event started on 27 January 2018 and ends on 13 February 2018. Visitors are enchanted by the magic of the city’s mystery, which makes them become a special audience.

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Busojaras, Hungary

The carnival is taking place in the small town called Mohacs, Hungary. It started on 8 February and will end on 13 February 2018.

This event is a tradition for the locals. The idea came taking into account the cold winter in the country. To expel the cold, the locals have put into practice a carnival that later became one of the most successful in the country.

It is characterized by numerous parades held on the city’s streets. The unusual moment is the final parade, called Farsangvasarnap or Sunday Carnival. The men are dressing up in cloaks and horned mask which later entertain the visitors.

Europe seems to bloom up especially in the winter season. The carnivals are attracting thousands of tourists to each destination. Due to their characteristics, they always delight the audience and show the other side of a city. Do not miss any carnivals held in Europe, particularly these ones! Try new things and new places every year.