Alonissos: the island of wild beauty

It is the third most popular destination of Sporades in Greece, after Skiathos and Skopelos, but it has nothing to jealous of any of these two beautiful islands. We are talking about Alonissos, the small green diamond of Magnesia that steals the heart of the visitors from the first moment.

Its area is larger than that of Skiathos, however, its residential part is only a very small percentage of its territory, which is limited mainly to Patitiri, its picturesque harbor and to the Old Town, which is on a hill with spectacular views, while the population does not exceed 3,000 inhabitants.

The beaches of the island are many and with great beauty. Typically, if a traveler stays on the island throughout the summer there will be a beach to discover every day! The most famous of them is Chrissi Milia, the idyllic oasis with fine sand and crystal clear water that is also offered for water sports.

Equally impressive and organized, is the beach of Agios Dimitrios, which is considered to be the most beautiful beach on the island. It occupies a large area on both sides of a small peninsula. Also, the White Gialos with the small pebble is the most suitable choice for the younger age as it has a beach bar with a DJ choosing the best dance music of the summer.

The evening life on the island of Alonissos is located mainly in Patitiri with many places of entertainment and in Old Chora.

Specialtie of the island is the Alonissos typical cheese pie with feta cheese and crispy leaf, a delicious, tasty feast that no one ought to miss. However, the tourist character of Alonissos is not as intense as its natural, ecological character and is therefore a pole of attraction for friends of nature tourism.

The entire attitude of the locals moves around the protection of the environment, respect for nature and contact with it. On the island, you will find the International Academy of Classical Homeopathic Medicine and, with a little luck, will have the chance to swim next to dolphins and seals located in the sea park, the largest marine conservation site in Europe.

Regarding accommodation and transportation to the island, there are many lodgings both in the port and the smaller villages. The hospitality is of a high standard and the locals are polite and helpful.

One option is the 4-star Yalis hotel, with astonishing view and a swimming pool:

and Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel:

You can move from the harbor to the Old Town by public bus that runs frequently throughout the day, while a day trip is organized on one or two of the countless coach beaches starting at 9am and returning to the harbor at 4pm. There are also alternative travel choices, such as sailing boats to many beaches and hiking trails for fit buddies.

So, if you love nature and you are looking for a quiet destination with crystal clear seas and magical landscapes, what are you waiting for? Prepare suitcases immediately! Alonissos is waiting for you!