Top 4 Serbian foods

Serbian cuisine shares characteristics with other countries in former Yugoslavia (Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia) as well as Greece and Turkey.  Most of the food is based off meat dishes, with potatoes and vegetables.  There is also a nice variety of seafood that you’ll find, given it’s close proximity to the Mediterranean coast.  Serbian food is cheap, which makes it very attractable for budget travelers.  Here is my list of the best Serbian foods that you must try while in Belgrade:


This national Serbian dish consists of a delicious meat patty.   Traditional pljeskavica is made from a mixture of ground meats, usually lamb, pork, beef or veal.  The meats are grilled with onions and served on a hot plate with side dishes.  Sometime restaurants will smoke the meat and/or make it spicy.  When I was in Belgrade, I ordered pljeskavica at a restaurant and it was my favorite dish that I tried in Serbia.  It is very filling, rich and tasty!


Originally of Turkish decent, this is a very common dish in Serbia.  It consists of grape, cabbage, or chard leaves rolled around minced meat (usually beef, pork, lamb or veal).  This dish may also include rice, onions, spices and local herbs all rolled together into large plant leaves (usually cabbage).  It is then boiled for several hours.  In Serbia, sarma is a traditional meal for Christmas and other religious holidays.  Sarma is also commonly served during wedding ceremonies and big events.  You can find sarma is nearly every restaurant in Belgrade, so give it a try!


This is another national dish of Serbia, and it’s a local favorite.  It is a grilled dish consisting of minced meat and served like a kebab.  Traditional ćevapi is served in 5-10 pieces on a plate with a variety of chopped onions, sour cream, cottage cheese, red pepper and salt.  Sometimes you will get this dish served in a delicious homemade flatbread.   It is common to eat this dish as an appetizer or for your mail meal.  Nealry every single restaurant in Belgrade will have their own version of ćevapi, and it is a must-eat food in Serbia!

Karadordeva šnicla

is rolled veal or pork stuffed with kajmak (a creamy dairy product) and bacon.  It is then breaded or fried and served with roasted potatoes and tartar sauce.  This dish is slowly gaining popularity around the Balkan and Mediterranean countries.  Karadordeva šnicla is a perfect appetizer and you should try it if you see it on a menu!