The most impressive airports of the world [pictures]

The most impressive airports, are collected in the book “The Art of the airport”, giving the impression of modern art museums.

1. Shezhen Bao, China: Designed by architects in order to look like a ray and reflect the idea and the ‘magic’ of a flight.

2. Pulkovo, Russia: It’s the St Petersburg’s airport,its roof resembles like an envelope . An elegant construction, designed to withstand the heavy snowfalls in the area.

3. Tamar, Georgia: Located in Mestia and stretches to just 2,700 square feet. Designed to look like a spaceship that has just landed.

4. Barajas, Spain: The Madrid airport, with ceiling – full of domes – the largest in Europe.

5. Wellington airport, New Zealand, patterned with geometric shapes.

6. Chhatrapati Shivaji, India: The airport is located in Mumbai, famous for its impressive white roof.

7. Lleida-Alguaire, Spain: With a construction cost of over 130 million euros, is impressive because of the colorful tower and the wooden façade.