Traveling to Malta – Tourist Guide

Malta is the island of the Knights, with its medieval castles and Palaces witnessing its rich and long history!

In Valletta, the capital of Malta, you will enjoy your walking around as it is forbidden for the cars to drive in the Old town.

You can spend a few hours to wander through its alleys, admire the beautiful buildings and enjoy the stunning views of Upper Barrakka Gardens. Enjoy their tranquility and beauty, cool in the fountains and listen to the canons at noon, which will remind you of the military past of the country. For the evening, now, choose one of the many wine bars with amazing local wines.

Athe Ta Qali National Park you will visit the glass blowing workshops to admire the famous handcrafted artworks throughout Europe. From there you can head towards Medina, the Silent State, the old capital of the island that stands fortified in a impenetrable castle.

A must see when traveling to Malta is definitely an excursion to the island of Gozo by ferryboat, the second largest island in the Maltese archipelago. Mediterranean sandy beaches, picturesque hamlets and Gothic churches make up the scenery of this small island that looks like it sprang from the pages of a book. There you can visit the capital of Gozo Rabat, whose caves are said to have lived by the nymph Calypso. Alternatively, you can visit some of the cities in the south of the island, Kosikika, Sheglia or Vitoria.

Where to go

  • In Valletta, UNESCO World Heritage Site with museums, churches, galleries, shops, outdoor markets. Visit the Cathedral of St. John in which you will see the masterpiece of Caravaggio (Saint John’s decapitation).
  • In the beautiful old capital Mdina built as a fortress, the so-called “city of silence” that will travel you in time. You will walk on the paved streets and you will be impressed by the atmosphere, architecture and palaces.
  • In St Julian’s bay for strolls, expensive restaurants and attractions.
  • In St George’s Bay for shopping and entertainment.
  • In Paceville for restaurants, nightlife, wine bars, jazz clubs and clubs.
  • In Sliema for shopping, coffee and relaxation.
  • In Mġarr for restaurants serving traditional rabbit stew and a taste of life in a village.
  • In Gozo for the architecture and the beauty of the landscape.

What to See

  • Malta’s Audio-Visual Experience
  • The Grand Masters Palace
  • The National Museum of Arts
  • The National Library
  • The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum Building
  • The Roman villa in Rabat
  • The Saint Angelos Fortress in Vittoriosa
  • The blue cave in Wied iz-Zurrieq
  • The blue lagoon in Comino
  • The sharp Dingli rocks
  • The gardens over Barrakka
  • The Ghajh Tuffieha Gardens

Where to stay

One good option is the Palace hotel, in the centre of Sliema with the roof garden and the pool (

You can also check out the Xara Palace, in Medina (

In Valetta, the British Hotel, with the view to the Big Harbour, is also a nice hotel (

Hope you will enjoy your trip to Malta!