Bansko: the popular ski resort in Bulgaria!

Bansko is a popular winter resort in Bulgaria that attracts not only skiers for its famous ski slope but also for the graphical town of Bansko. Bansko increasingly competes with resorts in France and Switzerland due to the comparative lower costs but not in quality.

First of all, you can reach Bansko by road from Sofia in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. The route is easy and the roads are in good condition, you enter the direction towards Blagoevgrad and when you get there it is about half an hour further.

When you arrive at the town of Bansko, there are two directions, one leading to the ski lifts and one leading to the center of the town. It is also worth visiting the town’s center because it is really beautiful. Graphic, paved alleys, traditional houses and the river that crosses Bansko make the scenery so pleasant.

There are traditional taverns and cafes throughout the center to make a pleasant stop. There are also many gift shops, clothes, jackets, leather products, sweaters in very economic prices. It is also worth trying the ‘Rose of Bulgaria’ beauty and care products, which are local and very good for the skin.

Walking the road starting from the city center called Pirin Street, you will end up in the ski resort at some point. That is really another world. Hundreds of skiers with their snowshoes and their boards are waiting for the lift to get them to the top. For those not so advanced, next to the lift there is a slope where they can make some skiing without having to climb up the mountain.

Outside the ski lifts, there are really dozens of cafes, bars, casinos and very good hotels, all luxurious.

Information about the ski lifts and ski slopes

It is also worth seeing the following in the area:

  1. The well-known “Pirin National Park” is an area of ​​unique beauty full of lakes, waterfalls and caves. Unesco has designated it as a “World Heritage Site”.
  2. The city of Banya with its renowned spas. Choose the central Rimska Banya facility and with 7 euros (15 leva.) You can enjoy the hot springs and other alternative ways of relaxation all day long.
  3. The town of Razlog, perhaps the most beautiful in the area, with the river crossing most of the city while the big pedestrian streets are offered for relaxing walks. Drink a cappuccino in the central square for only 1 euro and relax.

There are many hotels in the area. You can either stay in the center on Bansko or at the luxurious hotels outside the lift area. One nice option is the hotel ‘Hermes’ that is really near the city center but still in a quiet and peaceful area.

Another option is to find a hotel in a nearby area such as the area of Betolovoto, we would recommend The Balkan Jewel Hotel, a 4 star hotel with all the appropriate facilities for a really pleasant stay. More information here

All in all, it is sure that you will have a pleasant time in Bansko, so just book a flight to Sofia, rent a car and let the adventure begin.